Vibratory Plow

There are two methods of vibratory plows that we use at T-Ray. The first is the bullet blade. The bullet blade is a solid blade that has an expanded cone or "bullet" at the base of the blade. Behind the bullet is a ring to attach the product being installed be a clavis and swivel. This ring then pulls/drags the product through the ground. As the bullet blade passes through the ground, the bullet opens up a temporary void in the grounds to allow the placement of the product. Over time, once the product is placed, the ground closes in on the new product to permanently hold the product in place. This is commonly used when placing one pipe or cable for a shorter distance.

The second method is through the use of a chute blade. With the use of a chute blade, we can install several products at the same time. This is possible because the products pass through a hollow area in the blade from the top of the blade to the bottom of the blade. This hollow area is known as the chute. One the product passes thought the chute and exits the blade underground, the product stays in place and does not get dragged through the ground as the bullet blade method does. This allows for an infinite installation distance as there is no ground resistance on the installed product holding the plow back from moving. Bullet blade methods have friction values that increase exponentially over distance.